Reframing Family Photography Conference

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017

Artists’ roundtable moderated by Deepali Dewan // Royal Ontario Museum
Family Camera Exhibition and Opening reception

Friday, Sept. 22, 2017

Plenary Session in CCF – 9:05-10:45

Key Concepts Roundtable featuring Marianne Hirsch (Columbia), Gayatri Gopinath (NYU), Martha Langford (Concordia), Laura Wexler (Yale), Deborah Willis (NYU)

Panel Sessions 1 – 11:00 to 12:45

(Post)Colonial Albums // Trinity College (Combo Room)

  • Candice Jansen (Wits Institute) “Complicities of the Image: Cedric Nunn and the Black Family in Struggle”
  • Sandrine Colard-De Bock (Columbia University), “Becoming the Bourgeois African in the colonial Congo: Two Families in the Picture”
  • John Peffer (Ramapo), “When a Photograph is a Family: Thoughts on Audience and Image in Africa”

Feminizing Affective Communities // Munk 023N            

  • Sharon Sliwinski (UWO), “Photography—Our Mother Complex”
  • Erina Duganne (Texas State University), “Family Photography and the Global Struggle for Human Rights”
  • Dot Tuer (OCADU), “Talismans and Traces: State Terror, Absent Bodies and Reframing the Family Photograph”

Akin: Conventions of Childhood // Munk 108N

  • Jennifer Orpana, “Childhood Snapshots: Transnational Conventions in Family Photography” (ROM)
  • Daniel Magilow (UT- Knoxville), “Cute Jews: On Nahum Gidal’s Judische Kinder in Erez Israel Ein Photobuch”
  • LiLi Johnson (Yale), “Transnational Chinese Adoptions”

Intimate Economies from analog to digital eras // Munk 208N

  • Ali Feser (Chicago University), “Photochemical Kinship in the Image Capital of the World”
  • Sarah Brophy (McMaster), “Angus McBean’s Queer Domestic Surrealism and a Prehistory of Selfie Culture”
  • Sophie Hackett (AGO), “Zun Lee’s Fade Resistance”


Panel Sessions 2 – 2:30 to 4:30

Masculinities // Munk 023N

  • Adria Imada (UC Irvine), “Dreaming in Pictures: “Family” Albums and Kinship during Medical Incarceration”
  • Franny Nudelman (Carleton University), “Reframing Postmortem Photography: Tim Hetherington’s ‘Sleeping Soldiers’”
  • Georgiana Banita (Bamberg University), “The Refuge of Photography: Framing Migrant Men”

Politicizing Family // Munk 108N        

  • Drew Thompson (Bard College), “Não há nada (“There is nothing”)”: The Absence of Retratos in Independent Mozambique”
  • Kimberly Juanita Brown (Mount Holyoke College), “Next of Kin: Photographic Mortevivum and the Violence of Proximity”
  • Autumn Womack (University of Pittsburgh), “What of the Family of the Dead?: The Family Photograph as Lynching Photography”

Unsettled: Settler-colonial Relations and Aboriginal Kinship // Munk 208N

  • Andrea Doucet (Brock), “The ethics and aesthetics of remembrance in the aftermath of catastrophe”
  • Reilley Bishop-Stall  (McGill), “Friction and Familiarity in Family Photo Albums: A Residential School Teacher’s Photographic Legacy” 
  • Sharon Huebner (Monash University), “Disrupting Colonial Imaginaries: Photographs of Australian Aboriginal ancestors as a cultural device for activating intergenerational pride and kinship responsibility”

Plenary Session – 4:45-6:00

Richard Hill (Emily Carr)
Carol Payne (Carleton), “Photography, Family, and Inuit Culture”

Wine and Cheese reception – 6:30


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Plenary Session – 9:00-10:45

Collecting and Archiving Family Photographs, featuring Mark Sealy (Autograph ABP, UK), Rahaab Allana (Alkazi Collection, India), Luce Lebart Canada (Canadian Photography Institute), Fiona Kinsey (Museum Victoria, Australia)

Panel Sessions 3 – 11:00 to 12:45                

Visual Diasporas  //  Munk 023N       

  • Leigh Raiford (UC Berkeley), “‘1World1Family’: Collecting the African Diaspora Family Album”
  • Lily Cho (York), “Diaspora in the Darkroom: theorizing chromogenic process and ontologies of diasporic connection”
  • Sabeena Gadihoke, “The Partition in a Digital Age: An Archeology of Family Photographs through Absence and Presence”

Secrecy // Munk 108N         

  • Afseneh Najmabadi (Harvard), “With a Whole Family—the Stories One Can Tell”
  • Sara Davidmann (independent artist), “Ken. To be destroyed”
  • Erin Gray (UCLA), “America’s ‘Concrete Universal’: Excising Lynching from The Family of Man”

Cold War Generations  // Munk 208N

  • Iyko Day (Mt. Holyoke), “Nuclear Family Photography and Generational Memory”
  • Jung Joon Lee (RISD), “Orphan Nation: Remembering the Korean War as Family-Nation”
  • Olivia Tait (University College, London), “Kustlerehepaar: I.G.G.R.”


Panel Session 4 – 2:30 to 4:15      

Wedding Photos // Munk 023N           

  • Suryanandini Narain (Jawaharlal Nehru University), “Indian Wedding Photos”
  • Jeehey Kim (Carter Museum), “Funerary Portrait Photography and Ghost/Spirit Marriage in East Asia”
  • Shawn Michelle Smith (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), “Too Many Men”

Extra-familial frames // Munk 108N 

  • Deborah Weinstein (Brown), “Animals in Family Photographs”
  • Linda Steer (Brock), “Between “Russia’s Trainspotting” and “the presumption of innocence”: Making Meaning of Irina Popova’s Another Family”
  • Heather Diack (University of Miami), “We Are Family: Leslie Hewitt’s Riff’s On Real Time”

Racialized Citizenship and Non-citizenship // Munk 208N

  • Gabrielle Moser (OCADU), “Familial Ties and Citizen Claims: Photography, Race and Citizenship in African Canadian Newspapers”
  • Julia Lum (Yale), “Narrating Visibility: Chinese Canadian Family Photography and the Exclusion Period, 1923-67”
  • Nadine Attewell (McMaster), “Intimations of Abundance: Working-Class Family Photography and the Look of Mixed Race”

Plenary Session – 4:30-5:45

Tina Campt (Barnard College) and Nicole Fleetwood (Rutgers)

Concluding remarks

Closing Banquet – 7:00

The State of the Album

April 13-14, 2017
Yale University

Symposium organized by: The Photographic Memory Workshop, The Family Camera Network, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Co-conveners: Laura Wexler (Yale), Thy Phu (Western)